The Problem:

“No Website means losing business” ~ (leading American Business magazine)

Having a company websites allows your potential customers to visit you without going in their car and driving to your location. It gives them information and it also allows your businesses to be found when a customer needs your services. Percentage from (Google, 2012)

The Stats:


of people cited web design as the reason they mistrusted a website


of consumers begin their search on a search engine


of Small Businesses don't have a company website

Why a Business website?

Increased Business Visibility

Your business can now serve potential customers 24/7 without actually opening its doors. A company websites allows potential customers an alternative and convenient way to gather information they need. It is there to help answer questions they may have and capture the sale without you having to do a thing. Just by being online, potential customers know your business is trying to serve them already just by making it convenient for them.

Online Leads

A company website does more than just being an information hub about your business. A company website can bring your business customers. A company websites allows users an alternative way to contact the business.


Searchable and Discoverable

The most beneficial aspect of having a business website, searchable and discoverable online. There are a 100 Billion monthly google searches. The internet is full of potential customers wanting to know about your business. Being online puts your business right on their path of search.